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Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:06 am Reply with quote
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Hi. I'm in the process of finishing off an engine for open Vintage road racing.I've resleaved the cylinder block with CB900F barrels, resized CB 1100 Rods and am using Kawasaki KZ1000 pistons after a little fly cutting for the valve clearence issue. After a bit of machining etc. everything seems to rotate wonderfully. My question is Cams. Not sure of the source or who I can talk to that would give me the magic numbers or which cam would work best. Carbs are 33mm Smooth bores and the head is a modified F. I also need the spec's for the 4 separte pipe exhaust system that was run on the CR. Any help would be greatly apprecoiated. Vic in Vancouver.
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Posted: Tue Mar 04, 2008 8:13 pm Reply with quote
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Welcome to the Forum, Vic!

Now for selecting a cam - the two brands which are still available new are Megacycle and Web Cam. KZ1000 pistons - they're 70mm IIRC which will give you 970cc. For racing, I would then recommend either Megacycle's 125-75 or their 125-x12. From Web Cam, I would choose either their 63b or 63c.

Unfortunately, I don't have the details for the 4-4 megaphones (yet Wink ). Swarbrick Racing in the UK is offering a CR exhaust system, but what you get is far from being a ready to install CR exhaust - what you get is a set of headers which will more or less fit, and four straight megaphones, which require a lot of machining to make them fit.

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